Content Writing

Content writing services

Content that converts customers and engages the audience.

To connect with your audience, reach out to them, educate potential customers and offer them services, one needs content writing services. Take whatever form of marketing; you need good content to make your marketing successful. But alas! Not everyone is good at writing compelling content that resonates with the audience. Everyone can’t be a master of all trades. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with our content writing services. We’ll provide well-researched, unique, and informative Content that converts customers and engages the audience.


Web Copywriting

We provide landing page content, social media posts, and ad copies that keep readers engaged and encourage them to take some form of action.


We'll do it all, whether you need informal and personal blogs to grow authority and drive traffic or formal articles informing readers using facts, analysis, and research.

Product Copywriting

Give your product a voice and communicate its unique value in a compelling and engaging manner with our premium copywriting service.

Content that resonates with your audience

We know different businesses have different needs. Neither of the two companies nor their requirements are the same. That is why we try to have a one-to-one conversation with our clients to understand their needs, set objectives, and create content that resonates with their audience. It can be via a Zoom call, Google Meet, or chat, whatever our clients feel comfortable in.

How do we work?

Understand requirements

We believe that to deliver content that meets the expectations of our clients, communication is the key. Talking to our clients regularly and keeping them updated about progress is how we work. Whenever we collaborate on a project, we keep our partners in the loop. Depending upon the project, we develop a timeline that we'll follow throughout the project.

Keyword research

Creating great content that won't reach your audience wastes time and resources. Content writing services and SEO services cannot be separated from one another. Without one, you won't be able to reap the benefits of the other. Our team finds the right target keywords to increase the chances of the content ranking on search engine result pages.

Competitor analysis

To gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, you first need to know what your competitors are doing. So, we perform competitor analysis to determine who they are targeting and what type of Content is working for them. It helps us know what we should and shouldn't do for your business. Learn from their mistakes and mirror the tactics working for them.

Final submission

Then we get down to business and start working on the Content. We submit the 1st draft and ask for client feedback. It can be in the form of comments on the document we shared, or we can arrange a meeting. Once we get feedback, we incorporate it into the final draft.

What Our Client Are Saying....

Want to learn more? Check out these FAQs!

Our first priority is to meet our deadlines consistently. But we can't promise that we will always deliver on time. Because let's be honest. Things happen. What we can promise is that we won't let you hang in the middle. If we may have to extend the final submission date, we'll let you know in advance so we can reach a middle ground and find a solution that works for both of us.
In the initial meeting with the clients, we ask for relevant data and get as much information about the project and target audience they are targeting as possible. Other than that, we use paid tools like AHREFs, Moz, and SEMrush to analyze competitors and their audiences. We also use Google Analytics to find the target audience.
We know how much hard work goes into writing a copy. At Knotsync, we are strictly against plagiarism. We use paid tools like Grammarly to make sure the content writing services we provide is plagiarism-free and provide screenshots of the same if the clients ask for them. If you want to get your content run through any other plagiarism checking tool, we can do that too.
Before sending the final content for submission, we send initial drafts to know if we are going in the right direction. Throughout working on your content project, we'll keep you updated about the progress. Our team regularly asks for feedback, ensuring you get what you came for.

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