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Website Designing

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Website designs that create a great impact

As soon as you land on a website, what makes you stay or leave? It’s the look and feel of the website, right? If you don’t put effort into your website design services, your audience won’t be interested to know what you have to offer. So, it’s essential to get help from professional designers like the ones at Knotsync. We’ll design your website in a way that looks appealing and works great, creating a significant and lasting impact on the visitors.


Custom Website Design

Just like we all need clothes tailored for ourselves, your business needs a custom-made website to reflect your brand and its values.

Website Support & Maintenance

A fully-built website is never complete. It still needs regular checkups and maintenance to keep performing at its best. Our team will take care of that for you.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive websites that look, behave and adapt well to all screen sizes build a greater customer base. So, offer your website visitors an optimized surfing experience today!!

Web design that resonates with your brand

Great web designs are not just about aesthetics. They should align with your brand strategy and business values. From images, fonts, color themes, and logo design to content everything comes together to communicate your brand’s idea to the audience. Our web designers create unique designs that encapsulate everything and speak well for your brand, product, service, and company. Thus, attracting relevant traffic to the website.

How do we work?

Understand requirements

Before we pick up your web design project, we hear your design ideas so that we can meet your expectations to the best. Once we know what you are expecting, our designers can better make a plan. It also helps us understand who your customer base is so that we start thinking like them and design an easy-to-follow website.

Sitemap and wireframing

Having a sitemap before the design process begins helps us set goals for the website. Once we know enough about your business goals, we put your design ideas together with ours into wireframes. A wireframe doesn't contain the final design elements but gives an idea of the site's ultimate look. These wireframes help designers make the designs a reality.

Approval & design

Once the wireframe is ready, we will share and get it approved by you. If the layout and design idea looks good to you, we’ll put visuals and real content to the wireframes, adding the color themes and bringing the designs to life. In this way, our designers will work closely with you to deliver the best for your websites.

Test & launch

Once the website has all the content plus visuals, it is ready to hit the web. But before that, all the pages are thoroughly tested to make any last improvements before the website goes live. Even after the website goes live, it is tested to make relevant updates and improvements.

Projects we worked on...

Want to learn more? Check out these FAQs!

We mostly prefer WordPress because of its flexibility and inbuilt Content Management System (CMS). WordPress powers over 43% of all websites on the internet. However, we can also use other website builders of your choice. Our team will give you all options available as part of our free, no-obligation website review.
As more than 80 percent of visitors access websites through mobile devices, our focus is on building a responsive website that attracts your visitors and provides an optimized surfing experience. We embrace the mobile-first mindset to ensure that the customer journey is responsive, relevant, actionable, and smooth.
Yes, we can modify your websites easily. Our designers can build websites from scratch or work on existing ones to modify them. The time taken by us depends on your requirements and the changes needed. We can process and deliver minor changes in the shortest possible time.
We’ll build your website by understanding your business needs and using our knowledge of UX design, and website architecture to take your website all the way from concept to launch.

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