Graphic Design

Creating unique designs for unique business needs

Customers always look for something that is unique and catchy to remember. No matter what type of product you are selling, your graphics will play a crucial role in branding your product. If the pictures on the website attract them, they will want to get the service or purchase the product associated with it. This is why our designers at Knotsync believe in creating unique graphics for each business that trusts us with its website.


Logo Design

A powerful logo will help you create a strong brand identity and tell your brand’s story, which is essential to establishing a brand.

Banner Design

Our designers create innovative banners for web pages with the intent of advertising and generating click-throughs, purchases, and leads. We also design banners for traditional advertising.

Flyer Design

Flyers are a great way to tell people about your services and products. Getting a professionally designed flyer will make a much better first impression.

Designing graphics that speak about your brand

Great graphic design services is all about telling what your brand stands for using a visual format. We combine your business requirements with our creative skills and knowledge in graphic designing to create innovative and personalized designs that exceed your expectation levels and increase sales. Our designers have remarkable experience in handling graphic design services projects across various industries. From logo designs to designing flyers, we do it all.

How do we work?

Client Briefing

The design process begins with a brief from the client that helps our designers set the tone for the entire project. You are expected to give the information that is important for designers to work on the graphics. Knowing the budget, the deadline, and any references the client may have can make the design process easier and quicker for us.


Once you brief us about your project and the designer has a clear idea of what you are looking for, it’s easier for them to meet your complete goals or objectives. They start with researching your competitors and audience. It’s absolutely essential to know what graphics the audience is engaging in and what other similar brands are creating for them.


After spending a lot of time and effort gathering the information from you and the internet, it’s time for the designers to present their design ideas to you and get feedback. Remember that all the discussions are always worth the effort in the long run. Once you give a positive response, the designer can move forward with the final design.

Final Delivery

Having a brief, doing good research, and getting approval from you will ensure smooth delivery of the project. Our designers will turn your ideas and thoughts into innovative graphic designs that produce outstanding results for your brand. The final designs they will deliver are going to make your product or service more appealing to your audience and help it stand out from the rest.

Projects we worked on...

Want to learn more? Check out these FAQs!

A typical project can take a little more than 24 hours, depending on the project type or design requirements.
We start all projects by thoroughly discussing the details of the project with the client. Once we have established the brief, we begin work on the project by researching ideas and then creating and designing them. The design are then forwarded to the client for feedback. If any alterations are required, it is done and resubmitted to the client. The process continues until we receive client approval.
We use PDF, JPEG, PNG, AI, and PSD file formats for high resolution. Once your design is finished, we’ll deliver your final file via an email as an attachment depending on the size or upload it to Dropbox and send you a link to download.
We regularly take feedback from our clients when we work on a project and incorporate them into the final design to deliver what our clients ask for. But if at any time you want changes to the designs you have received, please reach out to us by email, WhatsApp, or our online chat, and we’ll make the necessary changes.

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