How Knotsync Can Add Human Touch to Your AI Generated Content

Add Human Touch to Your AI Generated Content

Artificial Intelligence or AI technology has slowly but steadily become part of our everyday life. We can see their applications everywhere, whether in chatbots or advanced smart speakers like Siri and Alexa. Since Alan Turing first talked about Artificial Intelligence in his paper, “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” AI has come a long way. Apart from being used in major industries, AI is also used for producing content, showing us the importance of artificial intelligence.  

While we are not sure whether AI will replace humans in the coming years, we are confident that content created using AI tools still needs human interference to give it a personal touch. Why and how Knotsync can add that human touch to your AI-generated content? We’ll talk about that in a bit. But before that, let us find out how content is developed using AI copywriting tools.

Generating Content with AI Copywriting Tools  

Ask any veteran content writer, and they will tell you that content writing is not easy. Whether it’s writing engaging articles, writing ad copy, or landing page copy, everything is not as easy as it seems to the end-user. Things get even tough when one has to work on repetitive tasks that can drain anyone’s creativity, like writing product descriptions for hundreds of products.  

Many AI copywriting tools can help copywriters create any type of content, making things a bit easier for them. From generating a blog post and landing page content to an ad copy, literally, anything can be written using automated article writing software. How? Let’s find out.  

To get AI-generated content, all you have to do is decide the type of content you want to write, then choose the AI writing tool that suits your needs the best. Once you have decided which writing tool you will use, set the parameters in your AI tool to get the best results. It could be setting the tone of your content or changing the message you want to send out through your written piece.  

After you give all the necessary instructions to your writing tool, all you need to do is relax. The tool will look for the content that suits your requirements by analyzing the content already existing on the web. It will then go on to make it something new and plagiarism-free.  

Why AI Generated Content Writing Still Needs Human Touch?

Artificial Intelligence systems are incredibly advanced but far from being perfect. AI based content creation indeed saves you time that you can invest in more pressing tasks, analyze data much faster than you or me, or even help you create content in bulk. But we cannot ignore that content created using AI content generator has its own set of limitations that make it necessary to have a human writer proofread content produced by an AI writing tool. What are these limitations? Let’s check them out. Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence.


ai generated content

1.  Lack of Originality  

The most significant limitation of AI article generator tools is their lack of originality. We all need to understand that whatever content these tools will produce will never be original. They process content that humans already write so that it becomes new and plagiarism-free.   

2. Cannot Pick Out Awkward Sentences  

One more limitation to add to the list is AI tools’ inability to locate awkward sentences. These sentences may be grammatically correct, but they sound awkward when you read them aloud. So, a human writer needs to proofread the sentences and make the required changes.  

3. Unable to Pull the Emotions 

Another limitation of AI copywriting tools is that they can never pull the audience’s emotions and tell engaging stories like human copywriters. And we all know how important stories are in marketing. They may affect the buying behavior of consumers. But an AI content writer will never be a match for human copywriters when it comes to engaging storytelling. When it comes, to artificial intelligence vs human intelligence, the latter will always have an edge over the former. You may be using the best AI content writer software and still not get the desired results. While AI is best for analyzing data, it lacks human intelligence, making jokes or evoking emotions from real-life stories shared by real people.     

4. Cannot Talk to Prospective Customers 

 As we said before, AI can be no substitute for the human touch. It becomes even more evident when you need to talk to prospective clients for a content piece. There are no writing tools that can speak to your prospective clients. And we know that when we interact with people, we get to see the root cause of their problems. And once we are aware of the problem, we can help solve it through our content.  

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Knotsync  

AI Generated Content

As of now, AI has not achieved the level of complexity needed to mimic the human mind. It still requires human intervention to give us meaningful outcomes. So, copy generated by AI tools still needs humans to add the personal touch that draws people towards the content. It cannot do it alone. But when AI is blended with human intelligence, results can be excellent, and here at Knotsync, we do just that.  

We have access to some of the best AI copywriting tools that can help your business grow. Leave your worries aside if you worry that you will get a content piece solely generated by AI. Our professional content writers will proofread your content. Not only that, they will add engaging examples and stories picked up from real life to make your content piece equally enjoyable and informative to read. So, you will get the best of both worlds in a way.  

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to get content writing services from Knotsync.