9 Basic Steps for SEO Website Audit

SEO Website Audit


Basic Steps for SEO Website Audit

Do you wonder why you should need an SEO website audit? Today, in this article, we will be discussing the importance of SEO website auditor.  

As we all know, SEO is the major contributor to any website’s success. And is the main factor which you cannot avoid. SEO is very crucial for the success of any website. 61% of the marketers say that SEO is their priority for their website marketing.  

You can build your website well, but if the SEO isn’t up to the mark, your website will not compete with other websites.  

To ensure that your SEO is suitable for your site, you have to conduct technical SEO, which will provide you an idea of where your website ranks and what steps you need to follow to improve your ranking.  

So, without any further ado, lets’ jump over to the 9 essential steps for SEO website audit 

Let’s dive in!  


Look Over Your Website

The most important step of the SEO site-auditor is to check your website. Have a look over the problems or issues with your website. There are many SEO audit tools that you can use, which can save a lot of your time. Put your site’s URL and let the tools do the rest. It will run through your website the same way the algorithms for google.  

Once it’s done, you can check the problems or issues that need to be resolved. Many issues should be fixed, like missing links, incomplete word count, plagiarism, etc.  


Check Your Website Ranking Often

One of the things to remember when making an SEO strategy is never to stop improving your website and your digital marketing strategies. Do a google search and check where your website ranks.   

The more you are on the last page, the fewer people will click through your website. Try to do a website tracking audit to come on the first page so that good things can happen for your website.  


 Don’t Forget to do On-Page SEO

On-page SEO will help your website to add the elements which are missing and needs to there for the optimization of your site. This step will make sure your site is running well or not.   

Make sure your website loads quickly and is easy to navigate. And don’t forget to check it on mobile devices; if your site is not easy to access on mobile, then it’s time to make significant changes.  


 Correct the Plagiarism Content on Your Website (if any)

Plagiarism content can be dangerous for your website. If Google gets to know that your content must be copied from another website, you will be penalized.   

Delete or rewrite any duplicate content if you find on your website because sometimes you won’t know it, and the plagiarism content will be destroying all your SEO efforts.  


Check Your Backlinks

Backlink checking is important from time to time. If some backlinks are not updated from time to time, you are bringing your site down.  The best backlinks are those that match with anchor tags to your site on other pages.  


 Analyze your Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is very important for your website than paid ones. Organic traffic has the potential to convert the leads. There are several free website tools that you can use to monitor your organic traffic, which will tell you how your SEO strategies are working.  


 Find and Fix the Broken Links

Any link leading to an error or shows error 404 is considered a broken link. Ensure you are checking all broken links, internal and external, and checking if they are leading to the right content or content published.  


 Look for Content Gaps

When you perform an SEO website audit, search for the content gaps. Once you are done with the audit, you need to check about the weakness or any hole in SEO strategies. The problem could be anything from lack of keywords to slow page speeds.  


 Check Your Website Page Speed

It may surprise you, but if your website is not loading quickly, then you are losing users at a great rate. So, check all the factors that contribute to the page load speed. Your images and videos on the website should be smaller; if not, that’s the time to make some changes.  



In the end, we can say that the SEO website audit is essential if you want to go ahead with your competitors. There are many free website audit tools available online to use for your website analysis or audit. Performing an SEO audit is the best way to know about your website rankings and what you should do to get on the right track.