7 Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development

React Native For Mobile App Development

React Native is an open-sourced mobile app development framework by Facebook. It is used to build mobile apps with JavaScript. Recently, React Native mobile App Development has become popular among developers for creating mobile apps. If you are considering developing a mobile app using React Native, we will give you 7 reasons why you should go for it.  

 Apps built with React Native develop faster and are cost-effective 

 If you own a business and want to create a mobile app, you would like to get an app that works for Android and iOS. But developing an app for two different platforms will take time as you would need two separate developers who can code in Swift for iOS and Java for Android. That’s where React Native comes into the picture. It comes with a code reusability feature, allowing developers to reuse the code made for one operating system for the other operating system. Reusing the code and interface will help developers build an app using React Native in almost half the time they would need to create two different versions. Thus, Apps built with react native develop faster, and they will have low development costs.  

React Native uses a single codebase for both iOS and Android 

Developers developing mobile apps using React Native don’t have to write different code for different operating systems. They can use a single codebase for developing apps for both iOS and Android. The code, once written, can be reused. The time saved can be used for other important tasks like improving the user experience of the app.  

Easy Updates 

Every app requires updates to fix bugs and improve app performance. Apps that were developed using native app development had a much longer time. The update first needed to be approved by Apple and Google. After that, the user can decide if he wants to update or not. This takes up lots of time.  

React Native uses a feature called Code Push to help developers push out updates immediately. The developers don’t need to upload the updated version of the app on the app store. Through the cloud, you can install the updates quickly. The user doesn’t need to give consent to relaunch the app.  

Cross-platform app development 

React Native development enables developers to build powerful cross-platform applications without any hassle. Developers can use a single code to make an app for iOS and Android at once. It shortens the time to build apps. But don’t forget to make still adjustments as per the platform.  

Free to use 

As React Native is an open-source mobile app development framework, users can access it for free. If you do not want to spend money on an app development framework, React Native is ideal for you. You can divert your saved funds towards hiring the best developers from a top react native app development company.   

Third-party integrations 

 Creating anything from scratch takes time, and it can be expensive depending on what you are creating. The same goes for mobile app development. So, a better approach is to incorporate third-party plugins as well. In React Native mobile app development, you can do so as its framework supports third-party integration. Developers can easily integrate third-party plugins with the native module and continue to build feature-rich mobile applications.  

Large community of developers to improve the framework constantly  

This easy-to-learn framework is constantly improving because of a large community of developers, making it one of the fastest evolving mobile app development frameworks. They are working each day to enhance its features and make this framework better. These developers also provide strong support for React Native. If you are stuck somewhere, you can seek help from them or go to RedditReact Native Facebook Group, or React Native Spectrum community.   


 If you want to develop a mobile app, the above reasons are enough to convince you why React Native app development is a good idea. It is easy to learn, developer-friendly, and you can create it for both iOS and Android using the same code.  

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