6 Content Marketing Tips for Better Conversions 

Content Marketing Tips

 A Content marketing Tips campaign that is successful has one essential ingredient- strong and compelling conversion-oriented content. It moves audiences and gets them to take action. The big question mark which then arises is how? How to be better at writing a copy that attracts and engages new and potential customers. Make them take action and turn visitors into loyal customers. In this post, we’ll go through 6 content marketing tips for better conversions.  

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content marketing tips

  Know Your Target Audience

   Before you begin writing any form of content, you need to know who your target audience is. Even if you write unique, engaging, and great content, your content marketing campaign will not succeed unless you know who you are writing for. After all, you will be writing for the audience and not just your brand.   

   To identify your target audience, you can create a buyer persona. It will help you know your ideal customers, their needs, and the problems they face. Once you have a buyer persona, you will be better equipped to write content that is engaging, focused on customers’ needs, and conversion-oriented. The more you will know about your audience, the more precisely you can base your content creation on them, making your whole content marketing strategy more effective.  

 Use Keywords Based on Your Audience’s Search Intent

  Massive traffic on your site means nothing if it’s not the desired traffic and people are not taking actions you want them to take. If you want your copy to perform better and attract the right traffic, target the right keywords. Understand how your target audience is searching and which keywords they’re using.   

  You can perform keyword research by using SEMrush or any other keyword research tool of your choice. Look for what your ideal customers are looking for. Once you get your main keyword, put it in the Google Trends search box. It will tell give you a better idea of the existing demand for your keyword. Based on your research, produce content that your target audience needs the most.  

Craft Compelling Headlines

  Whether a reader will go through your piece of content or not highly depends on headlines. They are the make-or-break element of any content. If your headline makes people want to click to read more, they’re more likely to subscribe and read the content you want to offer.   

  You can write a power-packed, compelling headline that makes people want to read your content more by accurately telling readers what they’re in for if they keep reading. It will set up realistic expectations for the content and help you build trust with the reader.  

Tips you can use for creating high-converting headlines:

  • Create numbered list headlines.   
  • Include between 5-9 words in your headlines.   
  • Add power words like “amazing”, “best-selling”, “unique”, “exclusive”, etc. 

Use Images for Added Impact

  We are a visually oriented society, and we process images much faster than text. In fact, 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual. Visual information can hold people’s attention for a longer time. That’s why it is best to use attractive images in your content whenever possible. It will help boost engagement, conversions, and the number of social media shares of your content.   

You can put relevant images in your content that add context and illustrate your points. It will not only make your content more interesting but also increase the chances that your readers will remember it. But don’t just add meaningless images just for the sake of it. Add photos, infographics that go well with your content and conveys its message.  

 Add Testimonials

  Testimonials lend credibility to the work that you do and build trust among your customers. They are a great way to ease the doubts of hesitant customers and give them the social proof that the services or products you are offering are worth purchasing. Positive testimonials can even help convince other potential customers to make more informed decisions when getting a product or service.   

   People will tend to weigh the opinion of authorities more highly than others. They seem to be like social proof based on their power, status, or variety‐seeking expertise. Take advantage of this persuasion approach by asking an industry leader or authority figure who has used your service or products in the past to provide a testimonial.  

 Create Persuasive CTAs

    Whenever users visit your site, you want them to take some action. From signing up for a free trial, watching a video, subscribing to a blog, or buying a product- it can be anything. Your readers need a push to take that desirable action, and CTAs or Call to Action buttons are just that push. Be exact in your CTAs and clearly convey to your visitors what you want them to do after they’re done reading.   

   When you craft your CTA, take time to write a strong, compelling, and clickable CTA that captures reader attention and interest. You can use persuasive words like “now,” “instant,” or “today” to create urgency. 

  E.g., “Get your free guide now,” or “Start saving today.”


   Writing conversion-oriented content can be challenging even for experienced writers. However, by following these content marketing tips, you can create content that engages readers and increase conversions.   

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