5 Social Media Post Ideas to Reach Your Audience During Lockdown

Social Media Post Ideas

Social Media Post Ideas to Reach Your Audience During Lockdown

How are you marketing your business during this lockdown? It’s a little bit difficult to answer this question but not impossible.!   

As people adjust to the new normal with self-quarantine and lockdown, the business owners and social media specialists are working on social media post ideas that can help their business do well during this pandemic.  

Staying connected with family and friends during Covid-19 becomes very important, and people rely on social media for that. It is the primary source for them to be entertained, for the news, etc.  

According to eMarketer, Facebook usage has been increased by 70% during Covid-19. But, wait a minute, just because people are spending more time on social media doesn’t mean it grow your business. You should have powerful strategies or ideas to attract your social media platform.   

Today, in this article, we will discuss 5 Social Media Post Ideas to Reach Your Audience During Lockdown that can help your business grow in the right direction during a lockdown.  

Let’s get started!  

Keep it Original and Authentic:

This is the right time to show your audience  some genuine, raw, and relatable content. Sitting at home, they might not want to see professionally designed graphics or studio-quality content. For instance, if you make videos and make a thumbnail for it, you can tell your audience to make their graphic design for social media by using some free of cost. Through this idea, your audience will relate to your content.  


Go Live Once in a Week on Your Social Media Platforms:

More people are watching or keen to watch live videos during this pandemic. You can provide relevant advice to your customers, or you can have chitchat with them, answer their questions about your business products or services. This is the right time to do these kinds of stuff for your customers because they need it.  


Promote Positive Content:

In this challenging time of crisis, you need to post positive stories or quotes to make people feel better. You should think about the kind of posts or content suitable according to your Social Media Post Ideas to Reach Your Audience During Lockdown business or services that will help your audience during this lockdown. Rather than focusing on driving sales, be a source of the excellent brand that shares their support. Your audience wants to see that you genuinely care and are not just posting for the sake of your business profit.  

Creativity is Everything:

During the lockdown, you can use the creativity for your audience to connect with your brand. Try out everything and anything to test your social media marketing ideas before sharing them with your audience, which means using filters, making GIFs, or anything that sounds real, do it for your users. Just be creative and let your ideas flow like water.  


Update Your Business Hours:

Last but not the least, if you had to make any adjustments to your business during the lockdown, it is important to tell your followers. You might not want your customer would reach your office or work station, but you are closed. Make sure to update your business hours on Google and create a social post and share it on all your social media accounts. Include your hours of operation, working hours, delivery options, or any specific changes in that post.  



In the end, we can say that 5 social media posts ideas for business are the essential part of this lockdown. Furthermore, social media is the best way to communicate with your audience. Using these critical points discussed above, you will be able to create content and show your support in many ways. And if you need any help related to social media strategy or marketing, then feel free to contact a digital marketing company for your business or brand.