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How to Improve App Store Ranking?

How to Improve App Store Ranking?

To create a great application is just not enough. You must also make it popular, profitable, and the users need to know that your app exists. For that to happen, you need to do app store optimization so that app store ranking of your app is good.  

The main goal of app store ranking is to help people find, click and download apps from the entire app catalog. Like any search engine, app stores too have a search algorithm that determines which apps are shown at the top and the bottom. The key factors that influence the position of the apps in search results and decide which app will appear at the first page in the app store search are the number of downloads, user ratings, and the number of comments.  

 Why Improve App Store Ranking? 

 As you know, the apps that come first get many more downloads than those that come last. So, there is a huge competition among apps when it comes to app ranking. For instance, as of January 2021, the Google play store had about 5,06,000 apps and they have an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It goes on to show how difficult it is to rank at the top of app store. However difficult it may be to appear at the top in app store, one cannot ignore its importance. After all, if you want more downloads, you need your app to appear before your competitors. 

 Improving Ranking of Your App  

If you want more downloads, you need to improve your app’s ranking in the app store. This includes changing title of your app, its description, improving your app’s reviews and ratings, and increasing its download rate.  

Let us have a look at some of these ways and help you improve your app store ranking. 

1. Use a Good Title   

Your application title is its most essential component. It’s the first thing that your potential users will notice, and they have attention span of only a few seconds. Therefore, the words in your app title should be the ones with the highest search traffic, but be sure to avoid Apple’s blacklisted keywords and don’t violate Google’s content guidelines. You always have the option to change the title later, but it is recommended that you do not do it frequently, as it will affect the ranking of your application. Only change the title of your app if your search terms have changed.   

2.  Matching Description   

The application description is the main component of your application page in the store. You have to reflect on the quality of the application itself and focus on the needs of users and what your application offers them. You can do this by including the most searchable keyword and a clear message, especially in the first three lines (167 characters) that make up the Google Play preview and will be used as the meta description of your link in search engines. Writing a good meta description is more effective on Google Play than on the App Store, as it can increase your app’s ranking from 10 to 20 places.   

  3.  Use Short Promotional Video 

Eyes pay attention to visuals first, then text and that’s science. For this reason, the USP of your application should be its great video and images. Design your app logo by following Google’s material icon guidelines and approaches, ensuring it is having maximum resolution. Include a short promotional video as it is more attractive than an image due to its visual appeal and sound effects. Your video should be sharp and direct (30,120 seconds), highlighting the key features of your application in action. And if you don’t have the budget or time to get a great video, you can easily record a step-by-step video from your android app using android studio commands.   

   4.  Keep an Eye on Installation & Retention Rates  

The sole purpose of app store ranking is to increase your application installations. Apple and Google continually collect statistics on app installs, uninstalls, and retention rates in their stores and adjust their rankings based on this data. So, keep an eye on your app’s install and retention rates, so you don’t mess up your app’s ranking. Differences in how rankings are adjusted for individual stores are also worth considering. The app store only considers data from the last 72 hours of the ranking adjustment, while Google Play takes it into account the previous 30 days.   

 5.  Find Ratings and Reviews   

It is always best to keep positive ratings and reviews for your app as they affect ranking and searchability. They are indicators of how satisfied your users are. This can be achieved by designing a great user experience first. Once you achieve that, positive ratings and reviews will automatically follow.   

  6.  Assign the Correct Parent Category   

Categories in the app store help users discover new applications that meet their needs. The parent category you choose is significant for your application to be found in the app store and helps users find your application when browsing or filtering search results. The main category also determines whether your app will appear on the applications or games tab in the app store. Make sure to select the main category that is most relevant to your application. Choosing categories that are not relevant to your application is a reason to be rejected by the app store.   

  7.  Promote your in-app Purchases   

If you have an ecommerce app, promote its in-app purchases. Your in-app purchases appear in search results in the app store. When users tap on it, they will be taken directly to your product page, where they can read your app description, view app screenshots and previews, or initiate an in-app purchase. Subscriptions and in-app purchases appear in separate sections on your product page, and you can display up to 20 items in total. Each item you offer can have a unique display name, promotional image, and description. Be descriptive, specific, and concise when highlighting the benefits of your in-app purchases.   

 8.  Create Eye-Catching Application Icon 

Your application icon is more important than you think. It is considered to be an important part of any branding strategy. While it doesn’t necessarily impact your app, it can affect whether or not people download your app.  If you want to stand out and attract more people, create eye-catching app icon. It would be best to design your app icon to be visible on all backgrounds, including the darkest and the lightest. Also, when the users see your app icon, they should be able to know exactly which application it is associated with.  


Bottom Line   

The more the downloads; the higher will be the ranking of your app. So, better improve app ranking in app store. Take care of your app’s name, keywords, description, and its app icon. You should also consider your in-app purchases, encourage users to rate and review your app, add high-quality screenshots and video demos to attract downloads. 

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