Top 11 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2023

Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile app development trends saw pioneering development in 2020, putting the smartphone industry at its peak. It is not that that the said industry was not booming before, but the pandemic catapulted its growth. In 2023, the trend is going to continue. Many mobile app development trends will see the light of day and transform the way we leverage smartphones.  

Let’s check out top 11 mobile app development trends that will gain traction in 2023.


Apps for Flip Phones 



Flip phones used to be a rage back in the days when they were launched. However, with the arrival of touch screen phones, they became obsolete. With companies like Samsung and Huawei rolling out their first range of these smartphones, they are back in the game. Users can compress or expand them as per their preference, allowing them to enjoy the functionality as per their liking.   

As these phones are just launched in the market, we will witness an upsurge for applications compatible with these phones in 2023. Mobile app developers will have to customize every app accordingly to be compatible with these flip phones. As these flip phones with foldable displays become prominent, there will be an increased demand for apps that support this feature. This will open many opportunities for mobile app developers.   


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have redeveloped the face of mobile app development in the last few years. Virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistants, and Alexa that have become part of our lives use what we call Artificial intelligence (AI). In combination with Machine Learning (ML), this technology has accelerated the growth of businesses worldwide.  

In 2023, these leading technologies will go on to play a more active role in our lives. Besides enhancing existing applications, many advancements like Smart camera with subject recognition, AI-powered Face Unlock, voice and language translations, user behaviour predictions, High app authentication, etc. are either incorporated into the smartphone economy or will be incorporated in this year. Look out for this trend. Let’s move on to the next trend.

Instant Apps


Instant app development has become a trend that is here to stay. These apps need no installing and are smaller in size, making them faster than regular apps regardless of hardware and storage capabilities. Additionally, they are also compatible across all android gadgets, and usually have a friendly user experience and UI design.    

With these apps, users can comprehend the basic functionalities of a native full-scale app without downloading it. This helps them decide whether they would like to install the app on their devices or not.   

Instant apps are bound to become a part of digital marketing and online advertising strategy. They will help agencies reach their target audience effectively and influence them to download the app. Therefore, it is relatively possible that instant app development will be in huge demand this year and the coming years.  

5G Network Implementation


5G network is expected to reach the market by 2021. The number of 5G connections is projected to grow to 1.1 billion by 2025. It will not only improve internet connection speed on mobile phones but will also empower 3D multiplayer gaming, implementation of AR capabilities, and enforce data security.   

Implementation of 5G will undoubtedly have a significant impact on mobile app development trends in general. Big names in smartphone manufacturers like Samsung has already launched its 5G-enabled smartphones in late 2020. This goes on to show that app developers need to keep up with this trend.  

Apps Optimized for Wearables  


Over the last few years, wearables such as smartwatches, health monitors, and fitness bracelets have seen a significant market expansion. These wearables can track and analyze body movements, heartbeats, walking steps, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, etc., making them hugely profitable in healthcare, fitness, and sports industries.   

With time, wearables are becoming less like sports trackers and more like a necessity. There will be a massive demand for applications that properly sync wearable devices with smartphones. Therefore, developing applications that link to portables and wearables through smartphones using the Internet of Things (IoT) will become the need of the hour. In 2021, it will be highly beneficial for app developers if they know how to integrate apps with wearables.   

On-Demand Apps


On-demand apps have been in trend for some years now, but they have grown swiftly in the recent pandemic time and are expected to grow further. While Coronavirus made going out risky, these apps made the lives of thousands of people much more uncomplicated. These easy to use apps enable the procurement of any product or service at the desired location.  

On-demand apps have become quite prevalent for food and grocery delivery, cab-hailing, healthcare and pharmaceutical provisioning, and home services. Zomato, Uber, and Airbnb are fine examples of on-demand apps that have increased comfort and convenience for app users. 2021 will surely be an incredible year for all those app development companies that can convert on-demand service or products-related ideas into a customer-friendly mobile-based model.  

Internet of Things (IoT) Powered Apps   


Would you believe me if I tell you that you can adjust the settings of your air conditioners before you reach home? Or you can lock your house without leaving office? I know it seems impossible. But it can be made possible with the help of IoT or Internet of Things. It creates a network of interconnected devices that share data. This data is controlled by an app installed on users’ mobile, allowing them to regulate their devices remotely. IoT provides a convenient and relatively simple environment for users to engage with appliances and gadgets in real-time.  

Apps powered by IoT can be used to monitor appliances, access security systems and cameras, or control devices from anywhere in the world. IoT products like Google Home Voice Controller,

Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller, Amazon Dash button, August Doorbell Cam, August Smart Lock, Nest Smoke Alarm, etc. are already being used worldwide. Many business organizations are quickly getting into IoT app development. So, in 2021, IoT will be one of the most preferred developers’ choices of mobile apps trends.    

Apps that Integrate with Mixed Reality  


Mixed reality like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is not new in the gaming and video arena. Today, more industries are integrating AR and VR technology, demonstrating how far-reaching the possibilities of AR and VR can be. Use cases for AR and VR have come up in many industries, including education, interior design and urban planning, tourism, healthcare, retail, entertainment, and gaming industry. That day is not too far when these technologies will become a vital part of our daily lives.   

Apps that leverage one or both of these technologies such as Pokémon Go, HoloLens (smart glasses), Google Lens, Google Earth VR, etc. have become quite famous among the youth. These technologies are gaining traction slowly but evidently, opening new doors of possibilities in mobile app development. So, in 2022, we can expect many AR and VR based app ideas turning into fully functional mobile apps. They will increase revenue for businesses and offer an unforgettable experience to the users. 

Beacon Technology


Initially introduced as iBeacon, a product of Apple, in 2013, Beacon devices have come a long way. They use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals to detect human presence nearby and trigger preset actions to deliver informational, contextual, and personalized experiences. Apple’s beacon standard is called iBeacon, while Google’s beacon is Eddystone.  

Suppose, you search for clothes of a specific brand and you want to try them on physically. When you enter a beacons zone, the relevant app on your phone will show you shops that have your desired products, their price, and other relevant information. For the retailers, beacons can track and trace who has searched your product, and taken action based on it.  

Many industries like healthcare, hotels, and museums have already installed beacons in their services. In 2021, we can expect to see beacon technology further integrated with mobile apps and become a part of android app development.  

Cloud Integrated Mobile Apps


Cloud technology is the most reliable platform to securely store and access our data in a seamless and faster way. It hasn’t stepped into mobile app development to that extent. But in 2022, we can expect more cloud-integrated mobile apps that will run directly on the cloud. It will benefit both the users and app developers equally. It will be easier for developers to create a mobile app by making the development more comfortable and faster, along with cost savings. And the users will not have to worry about their phones crashing while running the apps as cloud integration will take the pressure off their smartphones’ internal memory.  

Integrating Payment Gateways with Mobile Wallets


Mobile wallets like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc. are quickly gaining immense popularity thanks to the pandemic, which forced people to adopt these contactless payment methods. Now we can quickly transfer money to anyone without typing in our account details. All we need to do is to link our account details to a mobile wallet app.  

Integrating payment gateways with mobile wallets will make the payment process smoother and quicker. It is expected that mobile app developers and business organizations will get influenced by this trend and introduce mobile wallets into their apps.  



Technologies mentioned above are going to contribute to building high-end mobile apps that meet the client’s business needs and the end user’s expectations effectively. These top mobile app development trends are ready to dominate in the year 2022. It will be beneficial for mobile app developers if they keep up with these emerging mobile app development trends.

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