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Mobile applications have changed the way we conduct business. For any business that wants to capture the vast market and increase its profitability, it has become necessary to have a custom mobile application. It is a crucial marketing tool for expanding your business scope and enhancing its productivity while providing it much needed exposure. We provide mobile app development services for all popular platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

At Knotsync, we will provide you the best mobile application design and development services. Our in-house mobile app developers work diligently to provide user-friendly interfaces that will give customers satisfaction and drive higher engagement. With vast knowledge and experience, they will be able to create highly customized mobile applications that can increase your overall brand value, helping you drive your business to the next level.

iPhone App Development

With more than a million apps on Apple App Store, the iPhone app development market is booming, making it a huge industry. iPhone application developers at Knotsync specialize in developing innovative and robust iPhone applications that are user-friendly and provide great user-interface. We continually explore the iOS application market to deliver comprehensive iPhone mobile applications that cater to our customers’ diversified business needs.

As one of the best iphone app development company, we will help you plan your iPhone app development project. Hire iPhone developer today. He will help you get a fantastic product that fetches overwhelming results for your business. We offer services starting from the conceptual design stage to fully functional iPhone application development.

Benefits of iPhone App Development:

  • Long-lasting battery life providing better power management
  • Adheres to strict standards, offering better quality
  • Enhanced user interface and user experience
  • Preventing intrusion of any kind, cushioning customers from hacking and viruses
iphone development services
Android App Development

Android App Development

These days the trend of online shopping, ordering food online, and ticketing is gaining popularity; that is why everyone wants to reach the public by launching their Android apps. Since Android is powering most smartphones across the world, it becomes essential to have android mobile apps.

At Knotsync, we house a team of highly skilled android app developers. They have years of experience in designing and building applications for global clients. As one of the rapidly growing android app development company, we build android apps that are compatible with diverse screen sizes and resolutions within the tenets of app design. We develop android applications for various industries ranging from healthcare to travel and tourism industry. Contact us to get your customized android app.

Benefits of Android Mobile App Development:

  • An open-source platform that minimizes the costs of development and licensing
  • Compatible with diverse hardware configurations
  • Can be customized and tailored based on your business needs
  • Anyone with Java’s expertise for the mobile application can quickly adapt to it

Hybrid App Development

With so many options available for creating the latest mobile applications, picking the right one has become as complicated as developing it. Here, Knotsync, the best hybrid app development company, comes into play. Our skilled professionals provide HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and JavaScript-based Apps.

Our Hybrid mobile app development process allows us to create simple, fast, and feature-packed applications. First, we understand your requirements, and then we work on your hybrid app. After that, testing is done to ensure that the app is working without any error. Finally, the app is handed over to the client. Feel free to contact us if you want a hybrid app for your business.

Benefits of Hybrid App Development:

  • Combine user experience with an agile app development methodology
  • Reusable code that can be deployed across several different platforms
  • Reduces the development time and costs
  • Shorter time-to-market as the app is developed only once for all platforms
hybrid mobile app development
react 4

React Js Development

Developed by Facebook, React Js is currently one of the most popular JavaScript front end libraries with a strong foundation and a large community. With experience in developing applications for Android, iOS, and web platforms, there is nobody better react js development company than Knotsync that you can trust for developing your apps. Our React Js developers are up to date with the recent trends and technologies to bring you the latest deployment in the field of React Js application development.

Our development experts achieve top-notch outcomes by segmenting the interface into smaller components that can be integrated into more concise modules. It results in a highly scalable and robust React Js application. It allows our React Js developer to deliver technically challenging development projects even under tight schedules.

Benefits of React Js Development:

  • Boosts productivity
  • Easily readable
  • Guarantees stable code
  • SEO friendly