What is Local SEO and How to Improve Your Local Ranking   

Local SEO Improvement


You run a bakery successfully but you want to even attract more local customers. How? Simple answer: by using local SEO. But the question is, what is local SEO and how it works?

Don’t worry if you have not heard about it. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about local SEO so you can run your business successfully and attract local customers 

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.  


What is Local SEO?                                                                                                what is local seo

Local SEO is a branch of SEO that helps local businesses optimize their websites and increase their search visibility, so they appear on SERPs in their area. For example, it helps local businesses to be seen by potential customers who search for one specific location like “Best restaurant in Chicago,” “Coffee shop near me,” or “Bakery near me.”  

Local SEO is an incredibly effective strategy that relies on marketing your brand, products, and services to local leads and customers. It is more specific to a certain location compared to general Google searches. That is why it is essential for smaller businesses that operate on a regional level instead of a national level.  

Now you have a good idea of what local SEO is. Let’s move further with why it is important.  

Why is Local SEO Important?

why seo is important

 Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are local? Meaning that people use Google to search for businesses near them, making Local SEO crucial for your business. It also helps you:     

  • Boost your online visibility     
  • Show up on the internet map for future customers to see   
  • Reach out to local customers who search for local businesses   
  • Bring in more foot traffic to your actual location     
  • Attract more targeted traffic, which brings more leads and improves your chances of conversion    
  • Enhance your credibility and build trust    

Local business must use local SEO as:

  • Local search has the highest conversion levels of all local advertising channels   
  • More local customers use mobile phones or tablets to find the best local businesses  
  • Local SEO is a great return on investment  

  How to Improve Local Ranking?

 Now that you know about local SEO and why it is essential for small businesses let’s dive right in to know how you can improve the local ranking of your business.  

  Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is perhaps the most effective way to improve your business’s local ranking in Google search local results as well as on Google Map.   

You must be wondering what this Google my Business is. Let’s understand it with the help of an example. Suppose you search for “Burger joints near me,” you will find local results across Google, in places like Google Maps and Search. This happens because businesses have made their business profiles in Google My Business.   

In short, Google My Business helps businesses create free business listings so that their business shows up for relevant searches in their area.   

To improve your business’s local ranking, use Google My Business to claim and update your business information. All you need to do is:   

  • Add or claim your listing. You need to provide your full and correct business name, business category, office address, its exact location on a map, and your phone number and website (if applicable) for this  
  • Verify your account   
  • Update your business details like opening hours, the product or service you sell, and additional categories that may be relevant to your business.  
  • Link to your website   
  • Upload recent images of your business   

 You can also optimize your Google My Business profile by regularly sharing fresh content and business updates like product announcements, events, and exclusive offers.     

  Ask for Reviews

Positive reviews can improve your business visibility, enhance your reputation, and encourage more local customers to buy from you. You can encourage your loyal customers to review your business online. Once you get reviews, positive or negative, respond sincerely to them. Even when the review is negative, you can address the problem calmly. When you reply to reviews, it shows that you value your customers and their feedback.    

You can request your customers to leave a review on Google. Not only will positive reviews help you rank better, they help others see that your business is highly recommended, increasing your chances of gaining new customers.     

  Focus on Link Building

Link building is an important factor that influences your ranking in local searches. That is why it is given priority whenever you do local SEO. Target authority websites in your region so that the linking domains are more relevant to your target location. Earning links from websites with high domain authority in your local area will give your business an advantage over your competitors. Guest posting could be an excellent way to gain valuable backlinks from local sites.  

   Ensure Your Business NAP is Consistent

For search engines to show your business when the searcher searchers, your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) need to be consistent across all platforms and websites. Consistent NAP is important for both the local listing rankings and local organic rankings. Write your name, address, and other information as it is displayed on your website. Add LLC, Co., or Inc., if it needs to be included. Update this information on major citation websites, especially those that have higher domain authority.  


If your business isn’t found on local search results, you could be missing out on website traffic and valuable customers. To sum up, we can say that local SEO is an essential element that can help your local business grow. So, take advantage of local SEO strategies to boost your sales, enhance your online visibility in local searches, and grow your business. Get started today with the help of a professional SEO services provider 

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments section which strategy you will be using to improve your local ranking.