How to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search in 2023

Voice Search in 2023

Recently there has been a lot of buzz surrounding voice search in 2023 optimization and rightly so. Number of voice searches per month are increasing as more and more people are now using their mobile devices for searching online. Additionally, it is easier to say and search for something rather than putting an effort to type, especially while working.  

But you may wonder how to optimize for voice search? Before talking about how you can optimize your site for voice search, let us first talk about what voice search optimization is? If you already know what is it, feel free to skip to next part.  

 What is Voice Search Optimization?  

Voice search optimization is similar to search engine optimization in the sense that both work for the users and provide them the information they seek. But what makes it different is, in voice search SEO you have to speak to search your queries rather than typing. The traditional text searches comprise short incomplete phrases whereas voice searches in 2023 include complete sentences or longtail keywords.  

In voice search optimization, you optimize your site pages so they appear in search results whenever people search for something using voice search. Once your pages show up at the top of SERPs, your page will be read aloud by the voice-searching devices, making you stand out from your competitors.   

Let us look at some of the voice search optimization tips to help you optimize your site for voice search and keep up with the latest trend. 


7 Voice Search Optimization Tips  

  • Choose Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are a way to optimize your page for voice search in 2023. They consist of specific phrases, and usually have 3-5 words. Long tail keywords may have low search volumes but it is easier to rank for these keywords. For example, on searching for shoes, you will see many results in the SERPs. On the other hand, dancing shoes for girls may have less searches, but if you optimize your ecommerce website for the term, your page will show up when girls will search for the keyword. 

You can use AHREFMOZ, or any other SEO tool to find long tail keywords.  


  •  Use Question-based Formats    

While optimizing for voice searches, optimizing for question-based queries will work best for your site since most people makes searches in the form of questions while using voice search. In addition, Google states that 70% of your voice searches usually happen in a normal conversational tone or interrogative tone. So, optimize your page accordingly. 

  • Try Creating an FAQ Page

Creating an FAQ page will help you to target a wide range of audience as most of the questions can be answered on a single page. Make sure that you use an interrogative format so that when a user asks you “How,” “Why,” “What.”, you can clearly answer all their queries.  

  • Update Your Google My Business Listing

Google will have the correct information about your business if you have a website and structured data. Thus, while optimizing voice searches for ecommerce site, it becomes essential to update your Google My Business listing to ensure that every element in your listing is updated.  This will make it easy for the search engines to verify your location.   


  • Use Multimedia for Broader Reach  

Not only does the content of your page matter, but so does the context. You can add multiple videos, images, or photos to your page in order to attract the target audience, but just remember to put the correct descriptions and tags on multimedia you are using.  

  • Create Compelling Content  

You must create rich and compelling content that makes users happy and answers their questions. Try to provide clear and concise content that answers customer’s questions clearly and does not leave any room for confusion.  


  • Optimize for Local Searches 

Local businesses can rank higher in organic search results if they have perfected local SEO optimization. Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you own a bakery and someone is driving near your location and want to get a pastry. However, that person doesn’t have the time or patience to type and wait. Voice search SEO can be a great help for you and that customer. If you have optimized the content on your site for local searches, your page will show up when that person will search for a bakery. So, if you own a local business, try optimizing for local searches.   


People are increasingly searching online using voice search, making voice search in 2023 optimization essential for both small and large businesses. Use the above tips to optimize your site for voice search and stay one step ahead of your competitors.