Best PHP Frameworks in 2023 That You Should Know

Best PHP Frameworks


PHP Frameworks in 2023

Every time you think of web development, apart from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you might remember PHP language. PHP is still used by many famous names like Facebook and Wikipedia.  

Do you know? According to W3Techs, “PHP is used by 79% of all the websites. It is eight times more famous than ASP.NET.”  

Many PHP programmers often take the help of a PHP framework to compose their code. Today, in this article, we will talk about the best PHP frameworks 2023 that you should know about, but before jumping over to it, let’s find out the meaning of the PHP framework.  

  What is a PHP Framework?

A PHP framework is a platform to design PHP web applications. It has libraries with pre-packed functions and classes, also elements for a software design pattern that you need to cut down on the price of the original code you need to write.  

Now, when we are done with the PHP framework’s primary meaning, let’s move on to the best PHP framework in 2023.  

  What are the Best PHP Frameworks in 2023?

It is a bit difficult to get a good list of PHP frameworks. Earlier PHP frameworks include PHPlib, Pear, and Horde. Most of the big names launched in 2005 or later.  

Below are some of the best PHP Frameworks that is in use today:  

  • Laravel   
  • Symfony  
  • CodeIgniter  
  • CakePHP  
  • FuelPHP  
  • Fat-Free Framework  
  • Phalcon  
  • Slim  
  • Yii(Framework)  
  • Zend Framework  

1. Laravel

Laravel is labeled as “The PHP Framework for Web Artisans” and was developed by Taylor Otwell, who wanted a framework with elements that CodeIgniter doesn’t have, such as user authentication.  

It provides a wide variety of security features and methods like:  

  • Authentication  
  • Authorization  
  • Email Verification  
  • Encryption   
  • Password Reset  
Who uses Laravel Web Development?
  • Vogue archive- Fashion  
  • BarCharts- Stocks
  • Fischer Homes- Construction 
  • Resturants.com-Search Engine for restaurants  

  2. Symfony

Symfony is a PHP framework and a collection of PHP components for building websites. It has packaging lists consisting of more than 4,000 Symfony packages for you to download and use.  

Symfony developers can get help from these different channels below:  

  • Symfony Casts  
  • Full Documentation  
  • Symfony Certification  
  • Symfony Conferences  
  Who uses Symfony?
  • Noble Peace Prize  
  • Sony VAIO Uk Site- Retail  
  • Foot District- Retail 
  • Drupal, Joomla, and Magneto  

 3.  CodeIgniter

The CodeIgniter framework helps you to build web applications easily and quickly with its minimal configuration.   

CodeIgniter is mainly known for its speed and flexibility. It also supports multiple methods of caching, speeding up your applications.  

CodeIgniter community has both a slack group and a forum.  

Who uses CodeIgniter?
  • Test and Track- Education  
  • G-shock-Retail  
  • Buffer- Technology 
  • Casio- Technology  

 4.  CakePHP

CakePHP has a fast and clean PHP development. It has its own built ORM, which is quick and easy to use.  

You can learn CakePHP through documentation, online training, and CakeFest conferences.  

Also, you can find friendly CakePHP bakers through their forums, Slack, IRC, Stack Overflow.   

Who uses CakePHP?
  • Visit NC- Tourism  
  • Citizens, INC- Finance  
  • Good firms- Software Marketplace    

5. FuelPHP

FuelPHP is a community-driven PHP framework with more than 300 contributors in its lifetime. Though, FuelPHP uses MVC but also supports HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller). The advantages of using HMVC are:  

  • More extensible  
  • Perfect Code organization  
  • Supports code reuse  

FuelPHP takes security very seriously in the following features;  

  • Output Encoding  
  • CSRF Protection  
  • Input, URI filtering  
 Who uses FuelPHP?
  • Front Desk- Property Management System  
  • Wan Wizard- one of FuelPHP’sFuelPHP’s developers, Harro Verton    
  Fat-free Framework

Fat-free framework is a microframework and aims to balance useful features, ease of use, speed, and simplicity.  

The codebase of the Fat-free framework is around 65kb, so it’s fast and quick. Also, it is very convenient to pick up the fat-free framework; you don’t need any curl, composer, and a dependent injector to get started.  

F3 developers hang out on slack and fat-free framework Google Group.  

Who uses the Fat-free framework?
  • PC Specs- technology 
  • Baker Online- Retail 
  • Eloquens- Business  

  6. Phalcon

Phalcon is a PHP framework built especially for its speed. It is created to run fast for the following features;  

  • Low-Level Architecture
  • Memory resident meaning it can be used whenever it’s needed
  • It does not require file reads and file stats 
  • One time load of C extensions and PHP  

You can take help for the Phalcon through their forums, documentation, discord chat, etc.   

Who uses Phalcon?
  • Outsmart- Analytics  
  • Marchi Auto- Car dealership  

  7. Slim

Slim is a micro-level framework designed by Josh Lockhart. It focuses on receiving an HTTP request through a callback and then returning an HTTP response.  

It is easy to learn and understand and is rated as the best PHP framework by developers.  

Who uses Slim?
  • Better place Academy- Education  
  • Top Web Comics- Publishing  
  • CG Forge- Education  

    8. Yii Framework

Yii means “simple and evolutionary” in Chinese. It also stands for, “Yes, it is.” You can use Yii within minutes, and its documentation is written very well and easy to follow up.  

Yii supports four different kinds of caching to speed up web applications; data caching, fragment and page caching, HTTP caching.    

Who uses Yii Framework?
  • Purple-Retail  
  • WordCounter-Editing tool  
  • Pastebin-Online tool  
  • Fast Company Events-live events    

9. Zend Framework / Laminas Project

The Zend Framework is an established PHP framework known as Laminas Project.  

The Laminas Project contains three parts:  

  • Laminas Components and MVC  
  • Mezzo  
  • Laminas API tools  

The Zend framework comes with more than 570 million installations. Also, it is one of the most used PHP frameworks used by enterprises.  

Who uses Zend Framework?
  • BBC- Media  
  • BNB Paribas- Finance

Wrapping Up

In the end, we can say that if you want to reduce your PHP web applications’ time spent, then using a framework is the perfect option for you. There are so many PHP frameworks for all your tastes, depending upon the type of application you are building.  

Also, you can hire PHP developers or take help from the PHP development company which provides PHP development services mentioned above as per choice and requirement.